Common household air leaks

As much as 20-30% of air loss occurs at your windows and doors.

Re-caulking of a home is a crucial part to energy savings and building preservation. When the caulking on your home has failed, the exterior air will enter the cracks and the interior air will escape through these cracks as well.

As much as 20-30% of your cooling and heating costs are wasted due to air leaks from failed exterior caulking. In some cases, this percentage is much higher. Sealing all the exterior windows, doors, vents, pipes and any other crack or crevice will help reduce costs on your utility bills.

By making sure all of these areas are properly sealed, you are taking a major step into energy conservation.

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Residential Caulking Service

If left unsealed, the collective effect can be like leaving a window open year round.

As quoted from the website of Enbridge Gas

The process

Residential Caulking

1. Caulking Removal

All old caulking is removed. This ensures the new material to be applied will have a clean surface to bond to, as well as allowing sufficient amount of material to be applied.

Commercial Caulking

2. Backer and Insulation foam

A foam backer rod or spray foam are installed to provide proper insulation as well as to provide backing support for the new caulking to be applied.

Landscape Caulking

3. Application

Caulking is applied using a commercial grade "sausage" application gun. With the proper tools, we are able to achieve the correct amount of product required to meet all manufacture specification's.

Interior Caulking

4. Clean Finished Result

The caulking is then tooled to a smooth, straight finish to seal all edges and to ensure a full strength bond has occurred. The process has now been complete.

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